Customizing records for your library

You do not need to edit our records before importing them into your catalog unless you have specific design changes you need to make for your own catalog requirements.

You will notice the link in the 856 URL field is customized to your library’s website. You may also notice the links are unproxied - this is intentional and will not hinder access, as we have set up your Kanopy website so that the unproxied URL will always work. If someone clicks on the unproxied film link, they will have immediate access to the films on campus (IP authentication) and be automatically redirected to your off-campus proxied URL for access if off-campus. This is also consistent with other off-campus authentication systems (e.g. WAM, VPN, Shibboleth, etc).

In this way, you can employ shorter URLs for your films and website across your library while maintaining unlimited on and off-site access for users.

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