Managing your MARC records

When purchasing films a-la-carte

If you order a film a-la-carte, you will have access to the MARC records for these films from your admin dashboard. You can download these records from:

  • The Licenses tab on your admin dashboard: select the "MR" button listed beside the relevant title to export individual records one by one, or
  • The MARC Records tab on your admin dashboard: run an export of all MARC records related to titles you have available and export all MARC records for all films in bulk

When employing PDA or PPU

If you employ Kanopy's Patron Driven Acquisition (PDA) or Pay Per Use (PPU) programs, you will also have access to sophisticated MARC record management tools on your admin dashboard in order to manage your records on an ongoing basis.

The most typical process for managing your marc records when on PDA/PPU is to:

  • At PDA/PPU Launch: use the "Marc Records" tab and run an "export all marc records" option to export all marc records then available for your catalog. This will only profile the marcs related to the films you have elected to activate.
  • Ongoing Updates: while live on PDA/PPU, we will be notifying your library of key updates (additions and deletions) on an ongoing basis. These notifications will come quarterly via email.

You can download these record updates from your admin dashboard via two options:

  1. Most typical: when returning to access and download new records for new films added to your PDA/PPU program, it is best to select the "Download new MARC records since your last download" option from the Marc Records feature.
  2. Alternative: simply rerun the "Download all available MARC records" feature each time and overlay the marc file to your existing catalog to import a the new marcs (you can use the 001, 030 or other fields as a unique identifier).
  3. Adding new packages: this is best used if you add a collection to your PDA/PPU program at a later date. For example, if you launch with a set of collections on PDA/PPU and decide 6 months later to add another 2 collections, using the download option #1 will not help, as this tool only profiles new MARC records created, not existing records that you have just decided to activate. Downloading records for these films requires a different step - you will need to go to your "PDA/PPU Packages" tab and select the MARC export button (the small "MR" button) located to the right of the desired collection. Alternatively, you can use the download option #2, export all records, and overlay to your existing catalog to import the new records that you have just activated.

For information on how to access your admin dashboard, see here.

For more detail on our MARC records and other details related to them, see here.


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