Embedding films

You can easily share or embed any Kanopy film (or clip or playlist you create) through the sharing tools below the film. Embedding a film allows you to place the whole video player into another website (your library website, your course management system, your blog, etc) so that the film appears and can be watched there as opposed to having to click on a separate link to the film.

If you wish to share the link to a film, you can find more information on how to do this here.

To embed a film:

  1. Click the "Share" button that appears below the video player and select the Embed tab.
  2. Copy the HTML code that appears in the box and paste it into your LMS HTML editor or website code.

If you are embedding a playlist and would like to begin at a specific clip, you can force the video to start at this clip by adding "&pos=#" at the end of the URL in the embed code. Replace the # with the position number of the clip within the playlist. For example, if you want the embedded playlist to begin at the second clip, the URL in the HTML code will look similar to this: "https://sfpl.kanopystreaming.com/embed/1234567&pos=2"

Unlike public streaming websites (such as YouTube) your Kanopy website access is controlled to ensure only users of your institution can access it. These access controls also apply to embedded films. For example, if you are at a university and embed a film, off-campus users will be prompted to log in with their student/staff ID in order to load the film.

If you have any questions or troubles with embedding, please contact us here.

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