MARC record removals

Upfront licenses

If you order films upfront a-la-carte, these titles are locked in for the period of access you purchase them for.

We will be alerting you via email for any renewals on content that you subscribe to - if you choose to not renew the subscription to the film(s), you will have the information to delete the MARC record from your catalog.

It is not a problem if you fail to remove a record for a film if the license has expired – the URL link in the 856 never breaks and is always valid. The link will still work, but instead of users accessing the film in "Watch Now" mode, the film will be in "Request Now" mode and they will need to fill in their details to request access to the film. When a user submits a request form to watch a film, this is automatically sent from our system to your library to alert you.

For PDA/PPU films

For libraries activating our films via PDA or PPU: 

  1. We will notify you if any titles become unavailable and if the records should be removed.
  2. We only remove titles twice a year (on June 30 and December 31) to ensure a streamlined process
  3. We will notify you one month in advance of these dates and provide a list and delete file for films to be removed
  4. The delete files for titles will be posted for you on your administrative dashboard under the "MARC Records" section

Please note that the removal of a film from Kanopy does not impact any licenses or purchases you have made. If you have already licensed or purchased a film (either upfront or because it triggered on PDA), and the film is then removed from Kanopy's broader collection due to rights changes, this will not affect your license or purchase and you will maintain full access to the content for the period you had purchased it for. A film can only be removed from access if you have not licensed that film and you have not elected to purchase the film at the point of notifying you of its pending removal.

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