Embedded film issues

The most common cause of embedded film issues is the use of a non-HTTPS URL. Most course management systems require embedded links to be secure and HTTPS only (you cannot embed HTTP links). To ensure you can embed films therefore we will need to ensure:

1) Your Kanopy website is set up to be HTTPS

If it is currently set up as a HTTP website only, please let us know and we can help you to convert it to HTTPS. We just need to make sure your proxy configuration is also set up for HTTPS:

T Kanopy Videostreaming
U http://(institution prefix).kanopystreaming.com
H https://(institution prefix).kanopystreaming.com
D kanopystreaming.com

2) Your authentication system is HTTPS 

We also need to ensure your proxy or WAM URL wrap is set up as HTTPS. For exampel, if your proxy link is in this format - http://ezproxy.library.institution.edu/login?url=https://test.kanopystreaming.com, you will need to get a SSL certificate set up on your proxy/WAM server to ensure we can pass users through your proxy/WAM in a HTTPS environment (https://ezproxy... ).


Please contact us at support@kanopy.com with any questions on this.

In the absence of being able to embed a film, you can always simply share the direct film links, too!

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