How to Use the Usage Reports


The usage reports are generally the most valuable and regularly access reports on your analytics dashboard. They answer the question of "what is being used?", and provide perspectives on overall usage (for example, usage by day, video, customer, etc).

Types of reports

The usage reports include:

1) Daily Activity: this report provides a summary of usage by day (visits, pages, plays and minutes). It can show trends in demand and usage over time as well as summarize usage for a specific time frame. You can use the calendar at the top right to specify a desired time frame for analysis.

Visits means unique visitors, pages means the amount of times users have viewed your video page (but not necessarily pressed play), plays means number of times a user has clicked the play button on a film, minutes is total minutes that have been viewed.

2) Videos: this report provides a breakdown of usage by individual films, sorting the films by most most plays.

3) Subjects: this report provides the breakdown of usage by different subjects - e.g. Nursing, Psychology, Foreign Language - sorted by most highly played. This reports is only useful for suppliers who represent large collections as it provides a snapshot of the strongest performing subject matter in their collections.

4) Customers: this reports provides a breakdown of usage by customer. This report is one of the most popular reports for filmmakers who wish to analyze the performance of their films at individual institutions.

5) PDA Performance: this report details how your films are performing on the PDA (Patron Driven Acquisition) program. It provides a historical list of which films have triggered by institution. The graph shows which days your films have triggered.

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