Usage reports

The usage reports are generally the most valuable and regularly accessed reports on your administrative dashboard. They report what videos are being used and provide perspectives on overall usage (for example, usage by day, film, supplier, etc) as well as the information to support ROI analysis (cost per play).

Types of reports

  • Daily Activity: this report is the most popular report, providing a summary of usage by day (visits, pages, plays and minutes). It shows trends in demand and usage over time as well as summarizing usage for a specific time frame. You can use the calendar at the top right to specify a desired time frame for analysis.
  • Videos: this report provides a breakdown of usage by individual films, sorting the films by most popular (by plays).
  • Subjects: this report provides the breakdown of usage by different subjects sorted by most highly played. This report is particularly valuable for liaisons in their outreach efforts on campus - it helps with identifying the departments that are getting good value from the resource, as well as those that might not be using it and may need to be engaged with to become more aware of its availability.
  • Suppliers: this report provides the breakdown of usage by content provider. It is useful for identifying which content provider collections are most valuable and for COUNTER reports.
  • PDA Performance (PDA customers only): this report is specific for academic institutions on the PDA program
    • The report provides a snapshot summary of the status of your PDA program. It clocks the status of all films that currently sit in your PDA program and a report on current performance (not historical). It does not provide the functionality of changing the time frame and is intended for libraries to check how their PDA program is currently performing this month, not how it has performed in the past.
    • The report only shows the films that currently sit in the PDA program. It excludes films that have been licensed or otherwise sit outside the PDA program.
    • The report logs which titles have been watched, how many "PDA plays" have been registered, which have triggered this month, and which titles will be invoiced this month.
    • This report allows you to view the current status of your PDA program and also helps with forecasting future use and triggering.
  • Play Credits Tracker (PPU customers only): this report is specific for Public institutions on the PPU program. It profiles for the relevant month total play credits incurred to date by item as well as an overall budget snapshot
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