What is the Request feature?

If you search for a film or keyword on your Kanopy website, you may find some titles at the bottom of the search results in a request section. This appears separate from the search results as to not interfere with the experience of users when engaging with films that are available to view.

If a user clicks on one of these films they will see a page letting them know that the film is not currently available to view, as well as a form they can submit to request access to the film. These requests will be sent to an email address specified on your account as automated notifications.

Once you receive a recommend for purchase notification, you can handle it as you see appropriate - for example, asking for further information on the request, advising the user of the availability of the DVD in the library, or ordering the film and providing access to it. Note: if you are live on PDA/PPU, you can simply elect to add the film to your website and make it go live rather than ordering it upfront for the user.

What does a request mean?

My library employs the PDA/PPU program

You may have only opened up certain collections via your PDA/PPU program and this film is one that sits in a collection that you have not yet activated. Such a request is therefore useful as you can make a decision to either open up that film or a collection into which it falls on PDA/PPU or add that film a-la-carte to your Kanopy website.This option of having other films that you have not activated under PDA/PPU available in request mode effectively works as a useful "mediated PDA/PPU" option.

My library does not employ the PDA/PPU Program

If you are not live on Kanopy's PDA/PPU program, you can still activate other films and collections that sit in the request section of your website. This can be helpful to have as a tool for supporting faculty to search for resources and for soliciting inquiries for their course and teaching needs, just like a "place a resource request" feature on your library website.


Can I turn the feature off?

Yes! Please email us at helpdesk@kanopy.com and we can turn this feature off for you.

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