How to turn off our PDA program?


If you are live on Kanopy's PDA program, you can seamlessly turn off (and on) the PDA program for your library at any time.

For example, let's say you have set a particular budget for your PDA program for the year and you hit this 1 month before the year end and wish to turn off the PDA program for the last month so as not to incur additional triggered titles. Kanopy can seamlessly turn off your PDA program which will have the immediate effect of ensuring that no user can automatically trigger an additional film and you will not exceed the budget you have set. One month later, you might decide to reactivate the program which will start the program again and reactive all films for access.

Key considerations

There are some important aspects to turning on and off the PDA program to be aware of, and Kanopy has designed a number of special features to ensure the process is seamless -

1) How will I know the status of my budget?

You can monitor the status of your PDA budget live from your Kanopy administrative dashboard. At any time, you can get a live information on what films have triggered, usage statistics, and the status of your budget. In addition to you monitoring your budget, Kanopy does too - and we will provide regular "check ins" to alert you if you hit key milestones on your budget (e.g. 70%, 80%, etc).

At the point of hitting your budget, your decision will be to either (1) top up the budget to maintain the PDA program; or (2) to keep the budget capped and switch off the PDA program.

2) How will the program be turned off?

If you decide to turn off your PDA program and not top up the budget, Kanopy will turn off the PDA program for you. This will deactivate all "untriggered" films from your website, leaving on your website only those films that have triggered from usage to date. Kanopy will also provide you with a curated file of marc records related to the items that will be remaining live on your website. 

3) What will happen to the user experience?

The user experience when turning off PDA is also well-managed.

First, it is important to note that those films that have triggered are typically the most important to your library (they triggered due to high use and popularity), and you will continue to maintain access to these films into the future after turning off the PDA program. So, after turning off PDA, your website will still be a very relevant destination for accessing films and be profiling those films most relevant to your community.

Second, for those films that are untriggered, they do not "vanish". We will simply switch these films to be in "request mode" which means that users can still discover the films and the links to those films will still work (in case someone was using the link). However, instead of having the ability to watch the film, the user will be instructed to request for access.

If a user completes the request form, the library will be notified of this via email and can handle the request as they wish (adding the individual film a-la-carte if they so wish). You can see more on how the request feature works here. If you prefer, you can adjust this request feature such that users cannot find the deactivated films on your website.

So, after turning off PDA, you will (1) still have a selection of licensed films on your website extending into the future and (2) users can place special requests for films they need for which access has been turned off.

4) How do I handle the marc records?

As mentioned, Kanopy will provide you with a curated marc file related to the films that you are maintaining to be live on your website. You will have two options regarding the marc records in your catalog, to either:

Leave all marcs for all films: you can simply leave all marc records for all films in the catalog, even the marcs for those films that were not triggered and are hence deactivated. If someone clicks on a film that was triggered and is still live, they will be able to watch it; if someone, clicks on a film that was deactivated, they will simply be informed the film is currently not available and a form they can complete to request access to it.

This is quite a popular option, particularly if you are only deactivating the PDA program for a short period or during a holiday period, because (1) it provides the facility for faculty and users to still discover and access films that have been deactivated, and request them from the library, and (2) it is a similar experience to many discovery services which reference resources that are "requestable" from the library.

Leave only marcs for triggered films: As an alternative, you can remove all Kanopy records from your catalog and import the file of records related to those films that you will maintain access to.


In sum, the process of turning on and off the PDA program is seamless. There are two simple decisions for your library to make:

  • Do you wish to leave all marcs in the catalog or only those for the films triggered?
  • Do you wish to remove the facility to discover untriggered films on your website and be able to request them from the library?


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