Number of MARC records available

You may notice that the number of MARC records available to export from your administrative dashboard is different from the number of films available on your Kanopy website. There are two reasons for this:
1) The way films are curated on the website
When we upload films to Kanopy, we may regularly curate a set of films into a film "series" (or playlist) if the films are short films, clips in a series, episodical titles or otherwise related to one another.
The benefits of doing so is that the films are profiled together on the website when they naturally fit together and the films are packaged to have an equal value and the same pricing as other single title products on Kanopy.
As of late 2017, there are approximately 30,000 films on Kanopy, yet only approximately 20,000 or so "products" (counting the packaged playlists as one, not counting the individual films in a series playlist). We provide MARC records for all products.
2) The timing for MARC record creation
We launch films every day and launch ~10-20 or so films each day. We batch create our records every 2 months. At any given time, it is likely that we may be 1 month or so behind on the MARC records for new release films.
You may find the ~4-5% of newest release films on Kanopy have yet to have records created. We will have them to you shortly in the next batch! We alert your cataloging team as we launch these new batch records and they can be easily downloaded from your admin dashboard.
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