Promotion: Social and event specific outreach

1) Event-specific promotions

A fun approach can be to run event-specific outreach to your patrons for key events (e.g. for Halloween, Earth Day, etc).

A great way to do so is to use the playlist and embed features. You can take select specific films on Kanopy and curate them into a "playlist" to them embed on your library website or share in community promotions to engage patrons around these events. Below is an example of how Princeton Public Library (in New Jersey) is promoting Kanopy films as part of an Environmental Film Festival they are running, by first creating a playlist (see instructions here) and then embedding the playlist into their website (see instructions here).Screen_Shot_2017-03-20_at_8.18.09_AM.png

2) Posting on Social Media

Posting to social media is made easy on Kanopy. Below every film, you will see social media buttons on the "Share" tab. Simply log into your social media application of choice on the same browser to utilize these tools to share links to specific films -


3) Add a link to your email signature

Another innovative way to promote Kanopy to your library is to feature a link and graphic to your Kanopy website below your email signature.

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