Trial Usage

Trials are an important feature of title distribution and a key part of the sales process. When Kanopy initiates a conversation with a library, the first step with the institution is often a trial. Most libraries will not work with Kanopy until they have evidence that their faculty and/or patrons will use the service. Trials are essential to demonstrate value for the institution.

Trials present an ideal opportunity for the library to receive feedback from patrons and/or faculty about Kanopy. Therefore, we strive to provide a complete experience with access to all of the exceptional films currently available. If we do not provide access to all films:

  1. users are not getting an authentic experience during the trial,
  2. usage will be much more constrained (with less proof of value),
  3. and a sale to the institution could be much more difficult to close.

Kanopy is committed to full disclosure. By industry standards, we keep our trials short.

How long does a trial last?
Thirty days is standard (though shorter durations are possible).

Is there a fixed number of plays in a trial?
No. But the reality is that if a title is used during the trial, the library may license it outright or it could trigger on PDA post-trial.

Who gets to watch a title during the trial period?
Librarians, faculty and/or patrons.

Are professors allowed to use these "trial" titles and assign them to their students?
We set up the trials for faculty, librarians and/or patrons. Professors may occasionally share with students but we generally restrict usage during the trial period to on-campus or on-site access only.

Can I opt out of trials?
No. Trials are a great introduction to a new audience. High usage during the trial period tends to lead to a license.

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