I am seeing a notification that I need to request a film

You will see this notification if a film is not currently live and available to watch at your institution. Please fill in your details and we will follow up with you and your institution on this title.

The film is in "request mode" because of one of two reasons:

(1) your institution has not yet decided to have that film available - in which case, it is good to let us know your interest in the title so we can follow up with your institution on making it available, or

(2) it is a film that will be automatically available at your institution once we have it uploaded, and we are in the process of doing so - in which case, it is really good to let us know your interest in the title so we can "rush process" the uploading of the film and get back to you very shortly with information once it is live.

Either way, if you see this request notification and are interested in the film, fill it in and we will get back to you straight away with an update on the title.

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