How to tell how much time you have left to watch a film

Note: You'll need a Kanopy account to access this feature. Learn more about Kanopy accounts.

Many films on Kanopy have a 48 or 72 hour viewing period (depending on the title). Once you start watching these films, you'll have until the end of the viewing period to watch without using another play credit.

In-progress films appear on your Continue Watching list, which is accessible from the Continue Watching shelf on the Kanopy homepage and from the My Lists page.

For films with 48 or 72 hour viewing periods, you'll see the number of hours remaining until your play credit expires in the top-right corner of the film on your Continue Watching list.

film image with 43 hours displayed in the top-right corner

If you hover over these films on your Continue Watching list, the title card will also display how many hours you have left until the play credit expires.

title card displaying Credit expires in 71 hours
Updated: 11 September 2023 01:26 PM

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