Creating custom playlists

Note: You need a Kanopy account to access this feature.

Custom Playlists allow you to create, edit, and share film lists and clips on the Kanopy website. (This feature isn't available on the mobile or TV apps). To get started, select My Lists at the top of any page, then click the Custom Playlists tab.

Creating a playlist and adding films

To create a custom playlist:

  1. From the Custom Playlists tab, select Create New Playlist.
  2. Give your playlist a name and click Create New Playlist.

To add films to a playlist:

  1. Open a film's details page.
  2. Select the Playlists tab.
  3. Click add to playlist button next to your custom playlist.

To share a playlist:

  1. From the Custom Playlists tab, select a playlist.
  2. Select the Share tab.
  3. Select Copy Link to copy a sharable link to this playlist.

Editing or deleting a playlist

To edit custom playlists:

  1. From the Custom Playlists tab, select ... next to a playlist.
  2. Click Edit to edit your playlist, or click Delete to delete it.

While editing a playlist, you can rename the playlist and edit or delete clips.

Editing or deleting clips

While editing a playlist:

  • Tap delete clip button to delete a clip.
  • Tap edit clip button to edit a clip. On the "Edit Clip" screen, you can rename the clip or add a note to it. You can also set specific start and end times for the clip. Select Save Changes when you're done.
Updated: 20 June 2024 12:24 PM

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