Creating a Kanopy account

A Kanopy account allows you to use a watchlist to keep track of films you want to watch, easily continue watching films you started, create and share playlists, and use Kanopy's TV and mobile apps. With an account, you can also add multiple library memberships to access tickets and a wider variety of films.

Academic users

If you're a student or professor accessing Kanopy through an academic institution in a web browser, creating a Kanopy account is optional. You can use Kanopy as a visitor to watch films and access playlists through links provided to you, and you can create an account to use other Kanopy features if you'd like.

Academic users can create an account with these steps:

  1. Open your institution's Kanopy homepage in a web browser. (You may be prompted to log in with your university credentials.)
  2. Select the account menu menu in the top-right corner, then select Create an account.
    account menu with 'create an account' highlighted
  3. Enter your name, email address, and password, then click Sign up. Or, sign up with an existing Apple or Google account.
    Note: Your password must be at least 6 characters.
  4. create your account page with 'sign up' highlighted

You'll be taken to your institution's Kanopy homepage, where you can now access the full menu of Kanopy features.

Public library users

Public library patrons are required to create an account as part of the setup process. Learn how to create an account with your public library card.

Updated: 10 April 2024 01:56 PM

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