Using Kanopy's parental controls

Note: This article is for patrons who use Kanopy with a public library.

With Kanopy's parental controls enabled, you can only view titles in Kanopy Kids. To exit Kanopy Kids or watch videos outside of Kanopy Kids, you'll need to enter a four-digit PIN.

To set up parental controls

  1. Log in to your Kanopy account from a web or mobile browser.
  2. Go to My Account and select Parental Controls.
  3. Enter a four-digit PIN and select Turn On. We recommend using an original PIN that doesn't include any part of your address, phone number, or other number that your child might guess.

Parental controls can only be managed from a browser, though your PIN will be required to exit Kanopy Kids from any device.

To disable your PIN

  1. Go to Parental Controls and enter your PIN.
  2. Select Turn Off.

To reset your PIN

  1. Go to Parental Controls and select Forgot PIN?
  2. Select Send. Directions for resetting your PIN will be sent to the email address associated with your Kanopy account.

A Forgot PIN link will be available across all devices, but you can only reset your PIN through a browser. If you're using the Kanopy app, the link in the email will redirect you to the Kanopy website.

Updated: 11 December 2023 12:32 PM

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