What is the "My Lists" page?

Note: You'll need a Kanopy account to access this feature. Learn more about Kanopy accounts.

My Lists is where you'll find your watchlist, custom playlists, and titles you've started watching.

To access My Lists from the website, select My Lists near the top-left corner. In the Kanopy mobile app, select My Lists from the bottom menu bar.

The My Lists page has three tabs:

section of "my lists" screen showing continue watching, my watchlist, and custom playlists tabs.

  • Continue Watching shows titles you started but haven't finished. You can select a video to resume watching.
    • If a title requires tickets and your viewing period is still active, the number of hours remaining will appear in the top-right corner. If the viewing period for that title has ended, resuming the video will use additional tickets.
    • Titles will disappear from Continue Watching when you finish watching them. To manually remove a video from the list (website only), hover your cursor over it and select Remove from Continue Watching.
  • My Watchlist shows titles you've added to your watchlist. Learn more about adding and removing films from your watchlist.
  • Custom Playlists (website only) shows custom playlists you've created. Learn more about custom playlists.
Updated: 16 November 2023 09:35 AM

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